Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OTM Headlines 2/26/14


Julio Nunez hits 2nd Home Run in Alabama A&M loss to Auburn

Alabama A&M Men's Basketball lets Alcorn St. slip by

Alabama A&M softball hosts Tuskeegee

UNA Baseball matchup for 2/25 with Treveca moved to Nashville

UNA Football gears up for Spring Practice

#3 UAH softball sweeps Stillman

UAH Baseball visits Stillman in Mid-Week game

Live Updates from Alabama's Final 48


UAB Basketball Coach Jarrod Haase doesn't want the team to be fat and happy after 2 wins

South Alabama must get more wins to get in conference tournament

SEC Men's Basketball: Georgia dominates Missouri

Florida claims share of SEC Championship in Men's Basketball with a win at Vanderbilt


Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez involved in jail altercation

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones states the obvious

Arizona leaders fear law could relocate Super Bowl

Louisville Football recruit arrested for impregnating cousin

Our Big Fat Stupid Society 2/26/14

Teenager gets in a accident while trying to film an accident (

Building walls will prevent tornadoes allegedly (USA Today)

Ms Colon has not been penetrated in years, calls 911, gets arrested (NY Times)

Katy Perry pisses off Muslims....somehow (SF Gate)

Man convicted of tax fraud wants Bentley and jewelry back.......priorities (Tampa Tribune)

Screw Disease, we may be able to figure out what dogs are saying (South China Morning Post)

Marijuana flavor/scented condoms....yep....this happened and you don't have to inhale (Cannadom)

Where's the Beef? Or Who's been in it? (Herkimier, NY)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tennessee fans to Bruce Pearl: I Want You Back (Oh and Alabama wants you too)

If you thought that "Gruden-Mania" was bad after Derek Dooley was fired as the Tennessee Volunteer football coach, it seems that natives of Knoxville are already wanting to phone an ex-girlfriend so to speak. They seemed to laugh like little girls at Alabama hiring Lane Kiffin as the offensive co-ordinator like seeing an ex marrying a fat chick.

Not even after his third year, Cuonzo Martin is already "feeling heat". This is with 116-80 (28-20 in conference). But, the natives are crying out Bruce Pearl it seems. Obviously Tennessee wants to win, at any cause. I don't know if Bruce Pearl wants to get back into coaching or not, he seems like he enjoys the TV booth.
Tennessee isn't exactly like South Carolina or Alabama when it comes to basketball, they just lack consistency.


Speaking of Alabama, it seems that the Tuscaloosans are interested in Pearl's services if the Tide fires Anthony Grant.

No matter a show cause, the aroma of desperation lingers through most of the SEC. I guess it's forget the past and win at all cost.

I have nothing personal against Bruce Pearl, he was a good coach. However, the show cause penalty still leaves me a little pessimistic about bringing him back, even if he has repented of his NCAA sins.